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Be sure you know where you saved your excel data file so you know where to “Look in”. Also, make sure your excel file is closed otherwise SPSS will not be able to import it. Click Open. This video demonstrates how to prepare data in Excel before importing into SPSS. Proper data entry coding and common errors are reviewed. To import an SPSS file, simply run the Data Wizard using a blank workbook.

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This first screen will ask you to choose the type of data you wish to import. open the .csv in excel, and if it looks right, save it and then try to import it in SPSS, or saveas an .xlsx file and import that (although there can be nonsense with string variables in either scenario) OR. open in notepad++ and look at the raw data. you can find and replace double line breaks fairly easily. Import value labels instead of values – usually, standardized answers will be represented in SPSS by numbers, e.g.

Colectica for Excel Professional allows direct importing and documenting of SPSS data files, with a file extension .sav.

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Proper data entry coding and common errors are reviewed. To import an SPSS file, simply run the Data Wizard using a blank workbook.

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Next, in the text box next to "Files of type" choose Excel. Then, in the text box next to "File name" enter the name of our data file "Excel_Bad". Names longer than 8 characters (and such names as ALL, AND, BY, EQ, GE, GT, LE, LT, NE, NOT, OR, TO which are not acceptable to SPSS) will be shortened or changed by SPSS during the conversion. To open your Excel file in SPSS: File, Open, Data, from the SPSS menu.

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Go to File menu, select Open and then Data option. SPSS - CSV import tutorial (step 1) Before we can use the frequency function for cleaning, we must import our Excel data into SPSS. To do this, open SPSS and go to: File → Open → Data. Be sure  SPSS is much better at handling numeric variables than string variables (data entered as text). Therefore, if you want to transfer data from Excel to SPSS it is a  Importing Excel CSV into SPSS. Click File > Read Text Data.
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The name format is the "monyy PSF Extract". So I can use the code below to read in the 1 file for Nov11. I've tried to find a way of using the macro to read in also the other 14 files. I can't seem to make it work. I'm new to SPSS - … Can I load an Excel spreadsheet into SPSS?

Any change you made in SPSS is in SPSS, it does not modify the actual Excel file.
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